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About Our Services

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions enhance the shape of your eye by adding length, thickness and volume to your natural lashes. This creates a very low maintenance, beautiful look without the use of mascara. We use synthetic faux mink lashes that are thicker at the bottom and tapered at the top, to replicate your natural lashes. These synthetic lashes are bonded to each individual lash with a non-irritating glue, keeping your natural lashes safe and strong.

The synthetic lashes will shed with your natural lash growth cycle, which is about 3 to 4 weeks, and will require regular fills to maintain their fullness. Fills are suggested 2-3 weeks after your initial new set and every 2-3 weeks after that; however, timing varies from client to client. Our fills are based on how many weeks it has been between fills and are priced accordingly. (See Services & Pricing)

Not quite sure what look you want? Don’t worry!

During your initial 15 minute consultation, your lash artist will not only walk you through what to expect during the application process, but will also help determine the best look for you. This will be based on your eye shape, lash strength, number of lashes, and look desired. Feel free to bring in pictures to share with your artist and don’t be shy. They are here to make you look and feel your best!

Application Types

Natural/Classic- One synthetic lash extension is bonded to one of your natural lashes. This is perfect for women who already have a lot of natural lashes and want to enhance their lashes by adding length. This is a very natural look.

Dramatic/Volume- Multiple synthetic lashes are bonded together at the base to create a fan and then bonded to one of your natural lashes. This gives your lashes a much fuller, fluffier, longer appearance. This is great for women who wear more dramatic eye makeup.

Hybrid- This is a combination of both classic and dramatic lashes. This is good for women who want something in between the two.

Choosing The Right Look For You

Natural Eye

This style follows your natural lash pattern with a subtle and gradual flare at the outer corner, with shorter lashes in the inner corner.

Open Eye

This style features longer eyelash extensions in the center of the eye and subtly goes down in length at both corners, to help open up the eyes.

Cat Eye

This style features eyelash extensions that are longest on the outer corners to give a sleek cat eye appearance. This look requires more upkeep.

Doll Eye

This style uses longer eyelash extensions throughout your lash line to make your eyes appear larger and more open. This style is flattering for most eye shapes.

Brow & Lash Tinting

Eyebrow and lash tinting uses a semi-permanent color to dye the brows and lashes. Tinting lashes gives them added definition and makes mascara unnecessary until the tint wears off. Lash tint tends to last for 2-4 weeks.

Brow tinting defines the look of a clean brow, adding color, shape, and thickness. It can cover gray hairs and darken light brows allowing them to stand out. It eliminates the need to fill in your brows. Brow tint tends to last for 3-6 week, however both vary from client to client.

Lash Lift

This is a great service for those who have a lot of natural lashes but want to enhance, brighten and open their eyes. It is also a great alternative for those who have sensitivities to lash extensions. Your lashes are curled and lifted (“set”) over a rod and then tinted. Depending on the size of the rod used your lashes can be lifted more or less dramatically. The lash lift lasts about 6-8 weeks, but varies from client to client. This service can only be performed every 6 weeks to ensure that your lashes stay healthy and strong.

Brow Lamination

A brow lamination is essentially a perm for your eyebrows without using the same harsh chemicals. It tames unruly hairs and sets them in place for a just combed look, making them look smoother and more uniform. This is a great alternative to microblading.


Wax is applied directly to the skin, allowed to harden, and then pulled off, removing the hair from the hair follicle. Waxing weakens the hair follicle, affecting the regrowth, so that it typically grows back softer or less noticeable than if you shaved. Because it is pulled out by the root, the hair will not grow back for up to 4-8 weeks. The average is about 2 weeks depending on your hair growth pattern. You may still see some hair growth as early as one week as those hairs are on a different growth cycle.

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