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Frequently Asked Questions


We are by appointment only 7 days a week. See our availability!
We don’t take walk-ins but if you call ahead we may have same day appointments available.
Street parking is best on 29th, 28th or Vallejo St. Please check the signs for street sweeping days and arrive early to find street parking. We also have 3 visitor spots located behind the building marked as “visitors.” Please do not park in any spot not marked “visitor” as those are reserved for other businesses and you may get towed.
We are located in the Lower Highlands neighborhood just NW of downtown at 2150 W 29th Avenue, Suite 130. We are on the first floor of the Wheeler Block Building, which is a 6 story brick office building, located on the corner of Vallejo and 29th.

We do all booking online or via the phone. You may book your appointment here or by texting/calling 303-325-7571.

If you need help booking or have questions that you need answered prior to booking an appointment you may text or call us at 303-325-7571 or email us and we will get right back to you.

For all lash extension appointments, know that your fill time starts at your scheduled appointment time. For every minute you are late that is less time that the girls have to apply lashes and you most likely will leave without the fullness that you are wanting.

For our lash lift & tint, brow laminations, waxing, tinting, and dermaplane appointments, if you are running any more than 10 minutes late you will need to reschedule. This cuts into too much of the appointment time and also into appointments that are scheduled right after yours.

You can text or call us at 303-325-7571 if you are running late or with any questions or concerns and we will get right back to you.

You can also email us or message us on Instagram or Facebook at @lashologybeauty.

You can recieve all of our services - Lash Extensions, Lash Lift & Tint, Dermaplane, Brow Lifts, Waxing & Tinting.

However, we suggest consulting with your doctor before any service.

Lash Extensions

Duration varies depending on the style and look you are going for. Our Natural new set takes about 2 hours and our Dramatic new set takes about 3 hours. Each new set also requires a 15 minute consultation.
Due to the shedding cycle of a natural lash, we lose on average 3 lashes per day. It is recommended to come in every 2-3 weeks for a refill. After 4 weeks it is required to receive a full set.
You need to wait 24 hours after your service to get your lashes wet as the glue needs to set. After the extensions have set they are water-resistant. However, salt water and chlorine are known to damage the bond created by lash glue and may result in your extensions falling out prematurely.
We apply safe damage-free eyelash extensions that will not damage your natural lashes. Each eyelash extension is placed on an individual eyelash which allows the extension to shed with the natural lash. Your lash artist will evaluate your natural lashes to make sure that the proper weight and length of extensions are applied.
No - you can let them shed naturally, which will take about 6-8 weeks, however, if you would like them removed we suggest you have a professional technician remove them to avoid damaging your natural lashes.
No, our synthetic mink lashes come in a variety of curl options and can be applied to your natural lash no matter how straight.
We suggest that you get your full set of lash extensions applied a minimum of a month ahead of time and then schedule one to two fill appointments before your wedding so that adjustments can be made and you get the exact look you want for your big day. Please don’t get extensions put on for the first time right before your wedding in case they are not exactly what you are envisioning or in case you have any type of reaction!

About 4% of people are allergic to eyelash extension glue. If you have a reaction, it is advised that you do not continue getting eyelash extensions, even if the lash artist uses a different brand of glue.

Once you have an allergic reaction to lash extensions, the probability that you will at another studio is extremely high. Most people are allergic to Cyanoacrylate which is the base ingredient in most lash extension glue.

Hypoallergenic glue or sensitive eye glue still contains cyanoacrylate, but just in smaller amounts, which creates a much weaker bond. We do not carry "sensitive glue" as the retention is not to our satisfaction.

No. They are different products with different ingredients.
No, due to the variety of extensions, the amount of glue used, and the different application techniques that all artists use, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to lash over others' work. We are not able to guarantee our services unless it is 100% our work.
We highly suggest that you do not wear mascara over your lash extensions. If you must, never use waterproof mascara because it is difficult to take off, and make sure that it is a water-based solution. Oil-based mascaras dissolve the bond of the glue and will cause premature fallout.

Lash Lift & Tint

A semi-permanent lift & curl of your lashes.

A lash lift will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on the growth cycle of your natural lashes.

A lash tint will last anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

This service can only be performed every 6 weeks to ensure that your lashes stay healthy and strong.
Yes - as long as it is not waterproof!
No, once your lashes have been curled and tinted with our lash lift & tint service it makes it very difficult to add extensions. The extensions have their own curl so it is not necessary to curl your natural lashes. The tint also interferes with the extension glue and causes poor retention.
You can either text us a few photos of your lashes to 303-325-7571 and we will get back to you, or you can book our consultation appointment for a lash lift & tint which is a 15-minute appointment that runs $10. During this appointment our lash artists can assess your lashes and or give you a patch test if you are wondering if you'd have a sensitivity to the products used.
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