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Waxing Your Face, Is It Right For You? (Part 1)

Waxing Your Face, Is It Right For You? (Part 1)

Published on 4-22-2021

Have you ever noticed little hairs on your face that make it appear you have some dark shading under your nose giving the hint of a mustache? Or perhaps your eyebrows are starting to look like they’ve grown together. Is this normal? Do other women struggle with this issue? Popular media would make you think that all women are born with perfectly sculpted features and no blemishes. But this is not the reality of the situation. Many who wish to remove the appearance of hair on their face have found great success with waxing.

Waxing can be easier than taking a pair of tweezers and individually pulling out each hair, which can be time-consuming and prolong the painful experience. By waxing, you get your results faster and can even reduce the possibility of stubble, a consequence of shaving. Because waxing pulls the hair out by the root, hairs grow back softer, finer, and thinner. It also increases longevity, meaning you may not have to spend so much time on maintenance. The more you wax, the less hair grows back.

What Happens at an Appointment?

Waxing is often much more comfortable when done by a professional rather than self-applied, pamper yourself. You and your artist will first discuss the look that you are wanting to achieve. With your desired results in mind, the professional will then use a wooden spatula to apply warm wax on the areas where the hair is to be removed. For first-time waxers, this can be a startling experience as we are not used to having these warm temperatures on this area of our body. If you feel the temperature is too hot, do not be afraid to tell the professional so they can lower the temperature to a level where it is still useful but not as harsh.

Once the wax is applied, the professional will then take a strip of fabric and place it on the waxed area. They’ll rub the fabric to help ensure that all the wax is fully adhered to the strip and begins to cool down. Once it has begun to solidify around the hairs, the professional will then pull on the strip of fabric quickly, removing the hairs from your face with it. Sometimes, they will replace the strip and quickly rub before pulling again to get any possible strays that didn’t come out the first time.

But is waxing right for everyone? Are there any cons to this popular technique? Why do so many prefer this method of hair removal?

Check back in for part 2 of this article series to find the answer to these and other questions. If you would like to contact a professional to discuss the best options for you then please contact our artists at Lashology! They are ready to answer all your questions. We are excited to hear from you!

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