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Why Are My Eyes Stinging

Why Are My Eyes Stinging

Published on 7-25-2022

Eyelid and lash line irritation can occur after you have had extensions applied. At Lashology, we use only high-grade adhesives in order to achieve the strongest bond with the lowest risk of irritation. But the fact remains that some people just have more sensitive skin than others. A common question we get here at our salon has to do with clients whose eyes sting when they shower. Why does this happen and is the extension adhesive really to blame? Let’s see.

What’s Behind Stinging Eyes?

The adhesive we use only is capable of producing vapors while in a liquid form. Until the glue is dry you may get a bit of stinging. Once fully dried, and bonded, the adhesive turns into a non-vapor producing polymer. This makes it impervious to dissolution in water and nonreactive to water as well. What this means is that the lash adhesive is not the cause of your eyes stinging in the shower. So, what is? Our hair, face, and body naturally produce oils. In addition, dirt and makeup residue can build up over the course of a day. These things are normal, but they do build up if not cared for and one of the places they can build up is on your lash line. Then, when you take a shower, the warm water rinses all of the oil and residue off of your lash line and into your eyes. This, in turn, causes irritation.

How to Prevent Stinging Eyes

What can you do to prevent stinging eyes? The answer lies in proper aftercare of your lashes! Before you leave our salon, we always educate our clients on how to properly care for and maintain their lashes once they get home. But the most important thing to remember is that you should be washing and brushing your lashes daily. Doing this breaks up the oils and residue buildup on your lashes. Some people fear that doing this routine makes their extensions fall out faster, but the opposite is actually true! Oil and residue buildup threatens your lash bond the most, so keeping them brushed and clean will actually mean that they remain attached to your lash line for longer.

Eyes That Continue to Sting

If your eyes continue to sting or are irritated a few days after your service, you may be having an allergic reaction. There is a bonding agent in lash glue called cyanoacrylate that can often be the cause of sensitivities. If these issues do not subside, and you are having redness, swelling, or itching you may need to have them removed. These issues can often be caused by something other than the extensions, so we do suggest that you see your eye doctor and get his/her professional opinion before scheduling a removal. For those who do have very sensitive skin, we recommend scheduling a quick 15-minute patch test at least a few days prior to scheduling a new set.

We at Lashology are here to help you, so if you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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