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Common Lash Myths Debunked

Common Lash Myths Debunked

Published on 12-8-2021

Lash extensions are a popular beauty treatment. When something becomes popular, misinformation runs rampant, and lash extensions are no different. If you have never had lash extensions yourself, but are curious to know more, allow us to bust some common myths you may come across.

Lash Extensions Harm My Natural Lashes

This is completely false. The truth is that when lashes are applied properly by a trained lash artist (like ours at Lashology), they will not have a damaging effect on your natural follicles at all. We apply a single synthetic extension or a fan (3 synthetic extensions glued together) to one single natural lash. Then as your natural lashes shed (you lose about 1-5 lashes daily), the extensions shed with them with no damage.

Lash Extensions Cause Infections

Lash extensions themselves do not cause infections. Improper aftercare by individuals, however, can create problems. Bacterial and yeast infections on the eyelid can occur without proper care. Our lash artists always follow proper sanitization protocols to care for your lashes when applying extensions and they always make sure to educate clients on how to care for their lashes before they leave our salon. For best retention and hygiene, we suggest you wash your lashes daily with a lash cleanser such as our Lashology Lash Cleanser.

Lash Extensions Are Heavy

Again, when applied properly, extensions should be very comfortable. In most cases, you should not even be able to feel them. Our artists make sure to consult with each client and apply lashes carefully. Not in clumps and always at the base of the lash so as not to weigh your eyelid down. We will never apply more extensions that your natural lashes will safely allow.

Lash Extensions Cannot Be Worn with Makeup

If you love wearing makeup, you may have avoided getting lash extensions thinking that you would have to give it up. This is simply not true! You can definitely still wear eye makeup with lash extensions. There are just a few considerations to make when doing so. For instance, we generally recommend steering clear of oil and waterproof eye makeup, and do suggest no mascara for the best retention. With your gorgeous new extensions you should not need mascara anyway. Make sure to really give attention to your aftercare routine if you choose to wear eye makeup to avoid buildup and adhesive degradation.

We hope that this list answered some questions you might have about lash extensions! Of course, if you have any more questions that we did not cover, feel free to give us a call or text us at 303-325-7571. We look forward to seeing you.

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