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Extensions, Lifts, or Tints - Which Is Right for You

Extensions, Lifts, or Tints - Which Is Right for You

Published on 2-28-2022

What makes you feel confident and beautiful is going to be different for everyone. That is why we offer a range of beauty treatments and options for you at our Lashology salon. If luscious, dark lashes are what you are after, there are several ways you can get them. Extensions, lifts, and tints are all services we offer at our salon, but which service is right for you? Let’s break down their differences to help you decide.


If drama is what you are aiming for, lash extensions are the best way to achieve that look. Extensions build on top of what you already have, giving you longer, lusher, and bolder lash lines. Extensions are popular for many people all year round, but they are especially great for special occasions. Extensions appear really nicely on camera, which is why getting a set before a wedding, graduation, or vacation is a great move. Do make sure that you plan ahead, at least a month out, in case they are not exactly what you were expecting and adjustments can be made. All that said, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to extensions. Be weary of budget salons and read reviews before you entrust your lashes with a salon. Choosing the right salon can be the difference between looking overdone with an application that can damage your lashes, or effortlessly beautiful with a safe application.


Lash tints are a nice option if you want something that is low commitment. Usually, you can achieve lashes that are several shades darker with a lash tint and still have a soft and natural look. Say goodbye to crusty mascara lashes! The service is fast, cheap, and easy. A typical appointment only takes about 20 minutes. This is a great option for those that want to gently enhance their natural features and for those that are constantly running out the door.


Lash lifts are an excellent option if you are wanting the illusion of longer lashes and you want your eyes to pop and appear more open. You can retire that old, scary, damaging eyelash curler when you opt for this treatment, as lifts give your lashes a semi-permanent curl. Lifts have no maintenance and can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. At Lashology, our clients usually bundle a lift and tint together since these two services really complement each other.

At the end of the day, your budget, your lifestyle, and the look you are after will all influence what lash service is right for you. But whatever you decide on, our lash artists will be ready to help you with your look.

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