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When to Get a Refill vs a New Set

When to Get a Refill vs a New Set

Published on 2-15-2021

At Lashology, we are dedicated to providing you with beautiful, high quality lashes, and that doesn’t end after your initial visit. To maintain a lush and full set of lashes, regular refills are needed. But just how regularly should you come in for them and when is a refill not enough? Keep reading to find out.

Your natural lashes have a life cycle. Over the course of 2-3 months, your lashes will grow and then naturally shed. When your eyelashes shed, the extension that is attached to them sheds along with it. All your lashes are going through this cycle at different stages and so it is normal to lose lashes regularly. And this natural life cycle is why visiting us for regular refills is important in maintaining a full, cohesive look.

Lash refills are an essential maintenance step in between the application of new full sets. They are meant to fill small gaps and keep your set looking tidy. But over time, we recommend getting a fresh new set of extensions instead of infills and there are a few factors that come into play before we make that recommendation.

The State of Your Natural Lashes

One thing we always assess when you come in for a visit is the state of your natural lashes. Extensions are bonded to your natural lash with adhesive and as time goes on, your lashes grow, and oil mixes with the application point that bond becomes weaker. To prevent bending or breaking of your natural lashes at the point where your extension is bonded, we will recommend removing extensions from lashes that have grown out too far. If it has been several weeks since your initial set was applied and there are many extensions that are ready to come off or will fall off soon, we will recommend just going with a full new set instead of a fill.

The Amount of Adhesive Being Used

Every time you get a new set of lash extensions, we take the time to properly clean your natural lashes beforehand. This allows the adhesive to achieve the strongest possible bond. But when we apply infills, we are using adhesive on top of adhesive. This is why we do not recommend relying on refills indefinitely. For the best possible bond and to avoid too much adhesive build up on your lash line, a new set of extensions will be required after a fill in or two.

No matter what stage your lashes are in, you can be confident that we will recommend the best course of action for you. Stop in today or call us to schedule your next appointment!

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