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Lash Extensions Can Help You Achieve a Natural Makeup Look

Lash Extensions Can Help You Achieve a Natural Makeup Look

Published on 5-16-2022

For the past few years, natural makeup looks have reigned supreme as a trend. A trend we really love. Natural makeup looks allow freckles, beauty marks, and other features that are unique to you to shine through. At Lashology, much like a natural makeup look, we want to help accentuate your favorite features and help you feel your best. Actually, lash extensions and natural makeup looks pair extremely well together. Here’s how!

How Lash Extensions Help with a Natural Look

If you associate lash extensions solely with glam looks, think again! While we can certainly help you achieve a glam look at our salon, we have a range of extensions styles designed to suit everyone’s desired look, including the natural girlies. The right artist can achieve that natural look by applying a classic set, which is a 1:1 ratio, or a hybrid set which mixes classic and volume. Natural has a different meaning for everyone, so it is very important to have that one on one consult with our artists to find the perfect natural look for you. Visit us @lashologybeauy to see what we can do for you.

Wake Up Looking Refreshed

Many of us wake up feeling and maybe even looking tired. To perk up our faces, we often turn to a tube of mascara. A few swipes from your mascara wand can do just the trick to make us appear more alert. If you struggle with time management in the morning and rarely have time to complete a makeup look before heading out the door, lash extensions are the perfect solution. Extensions help to open the eye and make them appear larger. Regardless of how you feel in the morning, when you have lash extensions, your eyes will look awake and ready for the day.

Cut Down On Your Makeup Routine

If you are drawn to the natural makeup look, as we have been discussing, lash extensions can help you achieve it faster by allowing you to cut down on the time spent doing your makeup. Armed with some BB cream, a little blush, and an eyebrow spoolie, you can be ready in a matter of minutes. No more need for mascara! Which ultimately means no more unsightly smudges or clumpy lashes.

Customize Your Look

As we have already touched on, our lash artists will consult with you and create a lash extension layout that suits you. So whatever a natural look means to you, we can create a look that fits your standards. Armed with your custom created lash extensions, you can nail that natural makeup look. Effortlessly beautiful! Call or text us at 303-325-7571 or book online.

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