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What to Expect When Getting Your Nose Waxed

What to Expect When Getting Your Nose Waxed

Published on 7-27-2021

When you come to our salon, we want you to feel pampered and cared for by our professional artists. Helping you feel your very best is our goal. Not only can we get you set up with a luscious pair of lashes and amazing brows, but we can also take care of any unwanted facial hair that you may have. That’s why one of the add-on services we offer is that of nose hair removal. Nose hair removal is not something that every salon offers, and it is one of the top-requested services by both men and women at waxing salons. Are you nervous at the thought of a nose waxing? Knowing what to expect from the experience may put your mind at ease.

The Process

Nose hairs exist for a reason. They play an important role in respiratory protection. They block out larger particles of debris as well as microbes. They serve as an “air filter” for your body. That being said, we don’t want those unsightly hairs growing out of our nose, so left to a professional, the bottom hairs can be removed leaving a super smooth nostril, while still leaving the upper hairs for protection. Nose waxing should “always” be done by a professional, as the nose is a prime spot for bacteria in the body. At-home waxing can often not only remove the hairs, but the skin, leaving open lacerations which are then prone to bacterial infection.

Maybe you are already familiar with eyebrow and lip waxing and are wondering how that even translates to inner nose waxing. The answer lies in the application technique. The applicator is a small wooden wand. The wax is applied to the end in the form of a ball and allowed to cool slightly to a safe temperature. Once at this tolerable temperature, the technician will insert the applicator with the wax into your nostril, but no further than the ball of your nose. After letting it sit inside the nose for a few minutes, the technician will remove the wand, pulling all the little hairs along with it.

Many people prefer waxing as their hair removal method of choice because the results last longer. Using nose hair trimmers, like shaving, simply shortens the length of the hair. Tweezing painstakingly removes the hairs one by one, but ouch! Waxing gets rid of all your unwanted hair in one go. Many people can attest that waxing your nose actually hurts less than tweezing. Removing hair at the root with waxing thins the hair making for a less painful experience with each successive service. It also allows you to enjoy the results without frequent maintenance. Most people go anywhere from 2-4 weeks between appointments. At the end of the day, if you have nose hairs that are bothering you, nose waxing is a quick and easy solution. Talk to your lash artist about this add-on service.

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