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What You Need to Know About Lash Mapping

What You Need to Know About Lash Mapping

Published on 3-6-2023

Unlike when you buy strip lashes, when you get lash extensions at our Lashology salon, you are opting for a custom look. One that is suited specifically to flatter your eye shape and your personal features. Our process is not just thoughtless freestyling, though! We love using lash mapping to help jumpstart the creative process. Lash mapping helps our artists easily assess your features and guide you toward a general look that will complement your features best. Here are a couple of examples of our favorite and most popular lash mapping designs.

Open Lash Map

The open lash map gives a lovely full, fluffy effect. To create this look, lashes are applied shortest near the corners of the eyes and the longest lashes peak towards the middle of the eye. This lash map really compliments almost all eye shapes; hooded, downturned, close-set, almond, and round eyes.

Doll Eye Lash Map

For clients that want a really bright-eyed and doe-like look, the doll eyelash map is perfect. The highlights of this lash map are longer, curlier lashes all throughout the midsection of the eye. The ultimate result is eyes that appear bigger and more open. Eye shapes that really pair well with the doll eye map are almond and wide-set eyes.

Cat Eye Lash Map

For those that want to elongate their eye shape or enhance an already elongated eye shape, the cat eyelash map is the way to go. For this look, lashes are applied in cascading succession. On the inner corner of the eye will be the shortest lashes and then gradually longer lashes will be applied, with the outer corners having the longest lashes. This is a fun flirty lash map that best suits almond, round, and close-set eyes.

Wispy Lash Map

To create this iconic look, longer lashes are placed intermittently all throughout the lash line. The end result is a spikey, daring look. This lash map compliments rounded and almond eyes especially well. This is a popular look right now, however, we do not suggest it unless you are willing to come in weekly to maintain it. When the longer lashes shed they leave gaps and begin to look uneven.

Of course, these maps are just guidelines. Our expert lash artists know how to tweak and refine these maps so that they suit their clients as much as possible. If you are ready to get a custom lash look, reach out to schedule an appointment today. We would love to hear from you!

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