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Benefits of Dermaplaning

Benefits of Dermaplaning

Published on 10-19-2020

Perhaps you have come across the term dermaplaning while reading beauty blogs, or maybe you have never heard it. Either way, if you are a newbie to this facial treatment and want to know what it is all about, we are here to fill you in!

Dermaplaning is a treatment that works to remove soft vellus hairs along with dead skin on the top layer of your face. This is done by carefully using a medical grade blade and gently sliding along the skin at a 45-degree angle. Using soft, small strokes, this procedure can remove weeks of built-up dead skin cells. Leaving you with a superior exfoliation. It is noninvasive, pain- free, and requires no downtime.

Many are concerned about facial hair growing back thicker and darker than before. But this is simply an old wives’ tale. Our hairs naturally taper into a smooth tip. When you shave your hair, you are blunting the tip of that hair. So, when the hair starts to grow back in, it may feel coarser than before and you may begin to worry. But do not fret. If you allow the hair to grow out and taper naturally, it will feel just as soft as it did before. Regardless, dermaplaning only removes the peach fuzz on your face and you should not see or feel a difference when your hair grows back in.

Why should you consider this treatment? Well, dermaplaning is ideal for anyone who wants their skin to feel smoother and appear brighter and dewy. Because it is a quick treatment with no downtime, it is also a great option for people who want to give their skin a boost before special events. Without flaky skin and peach fuzz in the way, your makeup will glide on with a flawless appearance. Dermaplaning is also an excellent aid for superior skin care since it allows for your products to penetrate directly to the epidermis.

Dermaplaning is a wonderful treatment that can be performed every four weeks if needed. Do beware though, this treatment should only be performed by licensed professionals. If you try to do this at home, you run the risk of cutting your face and harming yourself. If you want to see beautiful, consistent results, trust our experienced team at Lashology! Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

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