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How to Care for Eyebrows Post Lamination

How to Care for Eyebrows Post Lamination

Published on 11-17-2022

So you just got your eyebrows laminated. We hope you are loving your look! Eyebrow laminations or eyebrow perms are some of our favorite services to perform at our Lashology salon. If you are new to eyebrow laminating, though, you may not know how to keep them in shape for as long as possible. Not to worry! We’ve got you. Here are some key points you should be aware of when it comes to aftercare and eyebrow lamination.

The First Day

After you leave our salon, your eyebrows will need you to take a little extra care for the first 24 hours. To help their shape not get disrupted, try your best to not touch your eyebrows for the first day. At least not excessively. And definitely avoid rubbing your eyebrows! In the same vein, avoid sleeping face down as well for the first day or so. Do not apply makeup or have any treatments done around the brow area. And lastly, avoid getting your freshly laminated brows wet. Avoid showering, swimming, and you may want to skip the gym in order to avoid unnecessary sweating.

General Aftercare Tips

Once you make it past the first day, aftercare becomes a lot simpler and you do not have to worry as much. Basically, all you need to remember is to wash your brows daily with an oil-free cleanser and brush them into place afterward. Be careful to work the cleanser into your brows gently and work in the same general direction that your eyebrows are laid in. That’s it. Simple! As it should be since most of our clients choose eyebrow lamination because it helps them simplify their beauty routine. You should wait at least 6 weeks between laminations to avoid damaging your lashes.

If you follow this simple aftercare guide, you can look forward to flawless, full eyebrows for up to four to eight weeks! Many of our clients also choose to bundle a number of our eyebrow services together. Lamination and brow tints are a common pairing. Our brow services are affordable and will have you in and out of our salon in no time! Beautiful, effortless eyebrows are only one appointment away.

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