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Waxing Your Face, Is It Right For You? (Part 2)

Waxing Your Face, Is It Right For You? (Part 2)

Published on 5-13-2021

In part one of this article, we gave an overview of this beauty technique and how it is done. Now let’s take a deeper look at the pros and cons of using this method to remove unsightly hairs.

It’s Quick

Threading and tweezing take time that you may not necessarily have to complete. By using wax to remove the hairs, it is as quick as pulling on a piece of fabric.

Lasts Longer

Shaving causes hairs to regrow very quickly and needs to be performed daily. On the other hand, using wax to remove hair can last from two to six weeks depending upon the rate your hair grows.

Less Regrowth

Wax pulls everything out while shaving and threading only deal with the protruding part of the hair. By pulling out the root of the hair, it will often cause less regrowth of hair over time. If you continue to wax consistently, it can cause the hair to stop growing back or come back finer and less visible. Many have found that the longer they wax, the less often they have to get it done.

Low Cost

With the trend of using wax becoming more popular, the process has become cheaper than using laser hair removal or threading. And the cost of materials and preparation time is economical too.

Discomfort for Beauty

Unfortunately, there is also a consequence to doing what you can to help improve your appearance. The heat of the wax can be too much for people to tolerate and, if done improperly, may also leave a burn mark. This is why seeking a skilled professional is important. There is also the pain that comes along with ripping the hairs out of the pores. Your face is a lot more sensitive than other areas of your body and so can take some time to build up a tolerance to this discomfort.

Irritation Redness, or Ingrown Hairs

There can be some redness and swelling of the area once it is over. If doing this for an event or social gathering, consider having this done at least 24-48 hours beforehand to ensure the puffiness and discoloration have had time to fade.

Another concern can be ingrown hairs. However, this issue can often be avoided with some simple steps. Try to protect the area from direct sunlight, cosmetics, and heat for 24-48 hours after getting a wax. Carefully exfoliating the area 48 hours after the wax is also recommended.

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